Cartier white gold plated love bracelet in Dubai


  • Cartier’s Love bracelet is a modern symbol of luxury and a way to lock in one’s love.
  • Designed in an oval shape to comfortably sit around your wrist.
  • The iconic love handcuff is laid with distinct screw motifs and secured by screw closure.
  • This beauty here is sculpted in white gold plated and finished with neat engravings.


We recommend that you seek the help of another person to put your bracelet on and take it off; you will hold the bracelet halves together and your partner will tighten the screws.

Open the bracelet, taking care to release both sides simultaneously.

While your partner is screwing the bracelet onto your wrist, please handle it carefully. Protect the area around the screw with the index finger and thumb to prevent the wrist or bracelet from being scratched.

Please use the screwdriver specifically made for this piece.

We advise you to check that the bracelet screws are adequately tightened on a regular basis.


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